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Property Improvements

In the Spring of 2017,  two projects will be initiated to beautify and expand our cemetery.

1. LCM

The Lawn Covered Mausoleum (LCM) will undergo a complete landscape overhaul.   Grass will be stripped, the property leveled and all markers will be reset in a uniformed manner.   Additionally, the shrubbery which surrounds the perimeter of the section, will be removed to provide a more open feel. 

We apologize to those families in advance who will be affected by this, as there will be short periods of time when the section will be closed for entry

2. Expansion of Section 14

Willowbrook has contracted to clear the right section of the undeveloped Section 14 to accommodate more than 70 additional graves.

This portion of Section 14 will be slated for non-denominational/non-sectarian burials. 

For reference, this area is located where fencing presently stands.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

May 27, 2017 - Westport, Conn.

The Board of Trustees and Management of Willowbrook Cemetery would like to extend their thanks to the local Boy Scouts of America, Local Troop 39!

The troop came out in force to canvass our expansive property to place American Flags on the graves of our residents who served our great Nation!

We look forward seeing you all next year!


The Board of Trustees and Management are pleased to announce the date for the Annual Lot Owner's Meeting.

On Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 10:00AM, the meeting will be held at the Westport Public Library, 20 Jessup Road, Westport.

Members in good standing are eligible to attend.    Please check back on this page for updated information, which will include:

1> which room has been designated at the library for our meeting

2> the official meeting announcement which will include the agenda

3> the Slate of Trustees

4> the Revocable Proxy for download, in the event you're unable to attend the meeting, but wish to cast your vote