Pre-PlanningPre-planning purchase is quickly becoming another important component of estate planning for your future and the future of your family. By taking care of your own arrangements or the arrangements of an aging parent, before their time of need, you free yourself and your family from the burden of making emotional and financial decisions during an already difficult time.

You also benefit by locking into current prices for services that we hope won’t be required for many years. Inflation is a hard fact of life and an even harder one to explain to a grieving person at the time of a loved one’s death. Purchasing beforehand locks you at today’s rates.

Many members of the baby boomer generation are dealing almost daily with aging parents. And today’s senior citizens, unlike previous generations, are open to listening, even soliciting their children’s advice in all matters. It’s important that their wishes (and your own, for that matter) be respected and carried out, and pre-planning allows for this.

We invite you to stop by our office or call and ask about pre-planning.