The History of the Mausoleum

Ever since the time of the Pharaohs, above ground entombment in mausoleums has been the burial method of choice for those who preferred something other than earth burial. The name mausoleum comes from a grand tomb built for King Mausolus by his wife, around 353 B.C. Mausolus’ tomb marked the beginning of a fundamental change in how we memorialize our loved ones.

Historically, above-ground entombment was considered the exclusive option of the wealthy and famous. In addition to the Tomb of King Mausolus, the Great Pyramid, the Taj Mahal, and the City of Tombs all stand as witnesses to greatness. They pay tribute to lives lived, love shared and sacrifices made.

Willowbrook offers affordable options in either our Community Mausoleum or Private/Family Masoleums.

Community Mausolea

Community Mausolea

Community mausoleums provide above ground entombment for a number of families in one large building. They are more affordable than private mausoleums, because you are sharing the cost and space with others. The crypts, or individual tombs, are designed to hold casketed remains and vary in size from single to companion (double). After the entombment of the casket, the crypt is sealed, and the granite front is re-attached. It is then inscribed with the family name, individual’s name, year of birth and year of passing. Additionally, the community mausoleum offers an option for cremation entombment in a niche. Smaller than a crypt, each niche holds one single urn of cremains, and is sealed and inscribed in the same manner as a crypt. The community mausoleums at Willowbrook offer individuals and families of all faiths multiple facilities at reasonable prices. Every location is a peaceful spot for meditation and reflection.  

Many have asked what the price difference is between earth and above ground burials.  After a side-by-side comparison is reviewed, it's $125.00 less to be entombed above ground in a Mausoleum.

Family Estates

Family Estates

At Willowbrook, the tradition of honoring family heritage continues. We have a myriad of family mausoleums in the cemetery including large, extravagant buildings, as well as smaller, simple structures. There is still space available for you to construct your own permanent, private testimonial. A sound, sensible investment, the customized family mausoleum ensures a peaceful, maintenance-free resting place that will last for centuries to come.

Our monument specialist, Ned Steinmetz can assist you with your family estate's design and installation.  

With many inquiries by families interested in private estates, Willowbrook is considering the possibility of building private mausoleums for purchase. This eliminates the time constraints and allows for turn-key access at the time of need. We will keep you updated as time progresses. 

** In past 8 months, Willowbrook has sold 9 properties for the purpose of building a private mausoleum. Our inventory of properties is dwindling, so stop by today for a tour of the remaining lots! **