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We are committed to helping the families and individuals of the Wilton area understand and make decisions regarding cemetery servicesproperty options and products. Willowbrook Cemetery offers a wide range of options to Wilton and surrounding communities such as Weston and Fairfield CT. 

Cemeteries in Wilton

Whether you or your loved one has chosen burial or cremation as part of your final wishes, Willowbrook Cemetery will work with you to create a beautiful final resting place. Allow us the chance to serve your family. Contact us today to learn how our dedicated team can assist you.

Willowbrook Cemetery

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wilton Cemeteries

Are multiple Certificates issued to multiple owners?

 No. Only one Certificate is issued and at the time of purchase, the owner must provide us with the primary contact person's name and address.

Who may authorize a burial in a lot or crypt?

If the deceased is an owner, anyone can sign. If the deceased is a non-owner, all existing owners must sign. If the deceased is a spouse of an owner, anyone can sign. If the deceased is listed on a designation form, anyone can sing. As this can be somewhat confusing, at the time of any interment, we will assist the family with this issue.

If I am the sole owner, who besides myself, has the right to be interred?

Your husband or wife, your children and your parents have the right to be buried there during your lifetime, unless you file an objection in writing with the Cemetery 30 days before the death of any such husband, wife, child or parent. After your death, your husband or wife will continue to have this right, except where all available space has been previously designated by you for the burial of others.

If I am separated from my wife (or husband) would she (or he) still have the right to be buried in my lot?

Yes, unless you file a written objection with the Cemetery at least 30 days before the death of such a person.