Veterans ServicesWillowbrook Cemetery would like to express our appreciation for your military service with our Veteran’s Program. 

For those Veterans who choose a casket interment, Willowbrook will offer them a FREE grave in our Lawn Covered Mausoleum (LCM), valued at $4,000.00. This includes the built-in crypt which saves you from purchasing the traditional 'liner' or 'vault' which starts at $1,300.00.

In order to take advantage of this offer, there are two simple steps:

1> Your spouse, family member or friend must purchase the second level of your crypt. Note: You will be buried tandem with your loved one. (Please refer to our Available Properties page for the LCM diagram)

The cost for the grave is $4,000.00 and they too, by default, will receive the crypt for free - as it's already built in. This saves them from purchasing the outer burial container from the funeral home as well.

2> The Veteran MUST provide his or her DD-214 and must have been honorably discharged. (We are well aware that DD-214's weren't issued prior to 1950, so alternative paperwork will suffice)

Space is limited and selection is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Offer is restricted to one LCM per Veteran, and expires when space is sold out. 

As with any other cemetery, the property sale is completely separate from other costs you will incur, such as the Opening/Closing charge to bury your loved one or the Perpetual Care Fee. 

Our Perpetual Care Fee is a ONE TIME FEE of 10% of the value of the property. *It is NOT annual*

Unfortunately, we do not offer this program for your choice of cremation in this particular section.