Jewish Burials

Willowbrook Cemetery - Serving Fairfield County's Jewish FamiliesAlthough we are a non-denominational cemetery, Willowbrook is pleased to offer our Jewish families designated sections to accommodate their religious needs.

As you drive around the cemetery, you will see that we truly are non-denomination and you will find Jewish families in virtually every section.

Serving Fairfield County’s Jewish Families

After many requests, we opened Section 12-Jewish. Within this section, you'll find Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed Jewish families. This section is completely sold out.

In order to continue our commitment to the Jewish community, we opened our newest area, referred to as Section 14, with an additional 200 graves.

This particular section is divided, with the first 100 graves offered to those who meet the strict Halachic Standard. A brief survey must be completed and reviewed by the Temple Chabad of Westport for approval. You can be Orthodox, Conservative or Reformed - but in all cases, conversions within the family or cremation are prohibited. You may be affiliated with any Temple/Synagogue or none at all. Moreover, you don't have to be associated with Temple Chabad of Westport to be buried here. This section is referred to as Halachic-14.

The other half of this Jewish cemetery section is simply a continuation of our original Section Jewish-12, referred to as Jewish-14. In both cases, all graves are facing East, per the guidelines set forth in the Jewish faith. 

UPDATE: We quickly ran out of these graves in Section Jewish-14 and had to purchase property to expand!   We are pleased to announce that as of August, 2020, we have replenished inventory in this section with an additional 454 graves! 

Space is limited, so please contact us to secure your family plot today.