Weston Resident's Only Choice

There's a special place in our hearts for Weston residents, when it comes to Willowbrook Cemetery.

Weston's Residents

That's because many Weston laborers were employed to help landscape and lay out Westport's finest cemetery!

One example of this was noted in Saturday, April 28, 1877's edition of the Westport's newspaper called 'The Westporter'. 

 It was announced that a local resident won a contract bid for road work on our property. Joseph O Sturges, a local Weston Resident won the contract for the creation of our main entrance of the cemetery, that includes the bridge over the Willow Brook that runs parallel to Main Street.

​Sturges, along with many other Weston residents who came before us, are responsible for Willowbrook Cemetery's success today.

This is just one of many examples of our connection with the beautiful town of Weston and how we help each other.

Willowbrook's First Weston Resident Burial

Weston Resident BurialOn November 8, 1880, our first recorded Weston native was buried here at Willowbrook Cemetery. Bradley Burr, who died at the age of 30, was removed from Evergreen Cemetery in Westport and relocated to Section 2, Lot 67.

Records indicate that other families followed suit, disinterring their loved ones and calling Willowbrook Cemetery their final resting place.

Here at Willowbrook we are honored to be chosen as Weston's community cemetery. We are continually expanding our cemetery to ensure plenty of room for generations to come.

Located just over the border on Route 57, you will find not only the convenience, but the unmatched beauty Willowbrook has to offer.   

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