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Jewish Burials

Willowbrook Cemetery is proud to serve the Jewish Families of Fairfield County and surrounding areas. Click here for more information on our designated Jewish sections

Section 14 - All Faiths

With Sections New 10 & 12's availability nearly depleted, Willowbrook has expanded yet another section to accommodate the demand by our community.

Section 14, our newest of available property, is located in a serene and peaceful area to reflect and honor your loved one's life.  Here, you will see families of deer roaming about, along with many of our devoted visitors making their rounds by foot.

With over 250 graves available, this section's availability is also nearly depleted with only 20+ graves that remain.

We are finding many families purchasing large numbers of graves, creating "Family Estates", which Willowbrook allows for personalized landscaping.  A minimum of five graves in width and two graves in length are required for these type of properties.

Here at Willowbrook Cemetery, we will always ensure availability of graves and expand as we see fit.

Section New 10 &  12

Section New 10 was developed two decades ago and became one of the most sought after areas of our cemetery. Once completed, many families requested their loved ones removed from other sections to be buried here.

Section New 10's inventory is nearly depleted, as its 1,000 graves have been spoken for. There are less than 15 graves available today in Section New 10.

This led Willowbrook to seek expansion to accommodate demand for families of Fairfield County.

As a result, Section 12 was developed a decade ago, boasting an impressive 1,500 graves. This section has been recorded as the fastest selling property in Willowbrook. Section 12 is sold out.

Lawn Covered Mausoleum (LCM)

Lawn Covered Mausoleum

Our Lawn Covered Mausoleum (LCM) provides the best value for our families.

It consists of pre-installed/double-depth, double reinforced-concrete vaults atop a state of the art drainage system. The drainage system provides the same dry/waterproof protection of an above ground mausoleum, but at a fraction of the cost.

Why does this provide the best value?  Simple!

With traditional earth burial sections, at the time of death, you visit a funeral home to make arrangements. The funeral director will explain that cemeteries require an outer burial container known as a grave liner or vault, which would be purchased directly from them. Containers range from $1,300.00 to over $5,000.00.

However, when you purchase a LCM crypt, you eliminate that funeral home charge.   

At Willowbrook Cemetery, the outer burial container is 100%, free of charge. No gimmicks, no small print. You are simply paying for the property, saving you a minimum of $3,000.00 per double grave.

This section is restricted to flush markers.

The LCM has undergone a complete landscaping renovation and offers an impressive 500 graves. A new walkway, landscaping and benches were installed in 2018. 

Sections 4 thru 9

Willowbrook's sections 4 though 9 offer incredible history.  Each are unique in their own way, and have limited availability.

These sections are numbered with the lowest located towards Main Street and the higher numbered sections work their way to the back of the cemetery.

If you are interested in any of these sections, feel free to stop by the office or call to check inventory. 

Sections 1, 2 & 3

Section 1 is Willowbrook's favorite!

Laid to rest is our founder, Ambrose S. Hurlbutt and his entire family. In the surrounding area, you'll find one of the oldest interments and individuals who were born before the United States was founded.

Sections 2 & 3 offer the same rich history, where you will find Westport's forefathers and their families.  

In all three sections, you'll find the most beautiful family headstones and monuments created, by Marble Works of Westport back in the 19th century. Collectively, there are perhaps 30 graves available for purchase.

These graves are placed at a premium, due to the notoriety and history of the residents, the mature trees and plantings, and over-sized plot sizes.


Our highly coveted Brookfront properties offer families a unique option for those choosing to build family estates.

Located in the front of our property, the Brookfront boasts a beautiful pond, a meandering brook that is home to beautiful wildlife, including families of ducks and colorful birds.

With 1,000 feet of Main Street frontage, this prime location showcases family mausolea that hold Westport's socialites and well known families.

The property is limited and is sold by square footage. Property owners will work with our mausoleum builders to create your personalized family estate which may include electricity, altars, combo crypts/niches and much more.

The Brookfront is available to be shown by appointment only and is reserved for serious buyers.