Mausoleum Sections

  1. Crypts and Niches – Types and Dimensions

    A.  Crypts
    Crypts in the Mausoleum are comprised of the following types and interior dimensions:
    Standard Crypts 
    Single – h 26″ x w 32″ x l 88″
    Double – h 26″ x w 32″ x l 177″

    B.  Niches

    An urn or other container holding created remains which is to be placed in marble front niches shall not exceed the following dimensions:  11” x 11” x 11”.

    Single – h 24 1/2″ x w 10” x l 7 3/4”

  2. The Association will provide for care and maintenance of the mausoleum and the crypts and niches therein at no cost to the owner thereof.  Such care and maintenance will be provided only from the income generated by investment of the Perpetual Care Fund in accordance with the Laws of the State of Connecticut.

  3. Each Granite crypt front in the mausoleum is unique. Since granite is a natural material, variations in color and pattern are to be expected as are hairline fractures.  If a crypt front is cracked into two or more pieces, or if it is seriously chipped, it will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the Association.  Other than these two conditions, crypt fronts will not be replaced or exchanged.

  4. No memorial crypt front shall be placed upon, altered or removed from a crypt or niche without the written consent of the Association.

  5. In order to preserve the dignity and appearance of the mausoleum for the benefit of all owners of crypts and niches, floral arrangements utilized in a funeral service will be retained by the crypt during the service.  Following the service, said floral arrangements will be removed by the management.  Subsequent to the day of entombment or interment, fresh flowers only may be brought to the mausoleum as provided for in Rule and Regulations 58.

  6. To insure the dignity of the mausoleum, only fresh flowers will be permitted at the base of the mausoleum.

  7. All flowers when wilted or dead may be removed by the Association and disposed of by it as it deems best without any liability there for.  The Association assumes no responsibility for any flowers left at the mausoleum.

  8. Artificial flowers or plants, living plants, candles or candlesticks, votive holders, vases, statuettes, religious objects, photographs, flags, military markers, or any other ornament of any kind will not be permitted at the mausoleum at anytime and nothing shall be attached to the front of any crypt or niche.  Management reserves the right to remove and discard any such objects brought to and left at the mausoleum in violation of these Rules and Regulations.