Lawn Covered Mausoleum Section (LCM)

  1. No mound, memorial, marker or obstruction extending above the surface of the ground, or any plot, lot or grave planting, (other than such as the Association may erect a plant as part of its general landscaping plan), will be permitted in the LCM Section of the Cemetery.  Only one flush Bronze or Granite Memorial will be permitted for each grave, the same to be set at the foot thereof. A Companion Bronze/Granite Memorial may be set to embrace two grave spaces in lieu of two individual Bronze/Granite Memorials. A Family Bronze/Granite Tablet may also be set to indicate the ownership of the plot.  Any such Memorial and/or Tablet shall be erected in accordance with the specifications as they appear in the special Rules and Regulations of the Association applicable thereto.

  2. All graves shall be flush with the ground. Planting of flowers, shrubs, or plants in the earth within this section is prohibited.  Potted plants may however be placed on the surface of one's Memorial Marker only.  

  3.  The Association allows for the installation of U.S. American Flags/flag holders to honor the deceased's service to our Nation.   These flags are allowed year-round.

  4. Memorial Benches installed by the Association are available for sale for the purpose of one to Memorialize their loved one within this section.

  5. Regardless of occupancy type indicated on one's deed, the first decedent to enter their purchased grave must be placed double depth.  This allows for the safe access to the remaining crypt for future use.

  6. No more than 2 human remains (Casketed or Cremated) are allowed in each grave.

  7. The Association reserves the right to remove wilted flowers or unauthorized items left on the grave, without notice or retention of the items.