Lawn Covered Mausoleum Section (LCM)

  1. No mound, memorial, marker or obstruction extending above the surface of the ground, or any plot, lot or grave planting, (other than such as the Association may erect a plant as part of its general landscaping plan), will be permitted in the LCM Section of the Cemetery.  Only one flush Bronze Memorial will be permitted for each grave, the same to be set at the foot thereof.  A Companion Bronze Memorial may be set to embrace two grave spaces in lieu of two individual Bronze Memorials.  A Family Bronze Tablet may also be set to indicate the ownership of the plot.  Any such Memorial and/or Tablet shall be erected in accordance with the specifications as they appear in the special Rules and Regulations of the Association applicable thereto.

  2. All graves shall be flush with the ground.  Plantings of flowers, shrubs, or plants on graves may be permitted by the Association in monumental Sections only, if arrangements are made with it for the “Special Care” required to keep said plantings in order, either on an annual basis, or by an endowment made to the Association’s Trust Fund.  Should the required care arrangement with the Association be discontinued, the Association shall have the right, without any liability there for, to enter upon the burial space and/or plot, remove such planting there from and dispose of the same as it sees fit, and put the plot or grave in order at the expense of the owner thereof.