1. All monuments, footstones, and bronze require a foundation.  The foundations shall be built the full width and thickness of the base.

  2. All foundations shall be built by the Association and be paid for in advance.

  3. In the event that a memorial foundation installed by the Association and paid for by a lot or grave owner or other interested party sinks or otherwise falls into disrepair, causing the memorial immediately above to sink or become unlevel within 10 years from the date of installation, the Association shall, as soon as practical, raise, replace or repair the foundation and properly reset the memorial at its own cost and expense.  Subsequent to the aforesaid     10-year period, the Association may charge a lot or grave owner or a responsible party, at its actual cost for said raising, replacing or repairing of the foundation and resetting of the memorial.  This shall not apply to any foundation and memorial for which a specific endowed care fund has been provided.

  4. No outside contractors are permitted to do any foundation work unless contracted by the Association.

  5. The monument contractor, before beginning any work, shall first submit to the Association for its approval, a written order in duplicate containing the following information:
    a. Type of work to be done
    b. A sketch of the memorial to be erected
    c. Width, thickness and height of the base
    d. Width, thickness and height of the die.
    e. Type, finish and color of the base and die
    f. Name and address of the purchaser.

  6. Monument contractors, to secure approval from the Association of a monument order, must agree with the Association that:
    a. The Monument Dealer will use only such stone as shall be of the first grade material and free from all imperfections.
    b. The Monument Dealer guarantees that the memorial will be executed in first-class workmanship; and
    c. Should any fault develop within two years from the date of the setting thereof, the monument dealer will replace the monument forthwith with proper material at said dealer’s own cost and expense.
    d. A permit signed by the plot owner must accompany each order.  If the owner is a Society, Lodge, or Congregation, the permit must be signed by the proper officers and bear the organization seal.

  7. The permit must specify the name of the deceased, date of death, row and grave number.  If the permit is for a double stone,  the reserve grave number must be stated.

  8. If the permit is for a family stone, a description of the plot and diagram, must accompany the order unless such description was filed prior thereto in the Cemetery Office of the Association.

  9. The Association will mail a permit to the monument dealer when the foundation has been constructed.

  10. The permit must be presented at the Cemetery Office of the Association before a monument may be erected.

  11. The Association is not responsible for the maintenance, care, repair or replacement of any memorial or monumental structure placed or erected upon any plots, lots, or graves.

  12. The top and underside of the base must be cut square and level.  The use of spalls or brick in order to affect a level base is prohibited.

  13. Soft stone or composition monuments are prohibited.

  14. Only first-grade, new memorial material will be permitted for the construction of monuments, footstones, etc., and the material shall be free from sap, seams, rust stains, checks and cracks.

  15. The base and die must be of the same type, quality, and color.

  16. The thickness of any foundation shall not be less than one foot and the width not less than two feet.

  17. Designs or inscriptions of any kind, which are improper or contrary, must not be erected, or they will be removed immediately at the owner’s expense.

  18. No memorial shall contain any photograph or portrait likeness of glass, porcelain, or other breakable material attached to a monument.

  19. Monuments, when delivered to the Cemetery, must be available for inspection on the truck before unloading

  20. All work set on foundations must be grouted.

  21. No work may be done in the Cemetery on Saturdays, Sundays, or on any of the following legal holidays:  New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.
    Nor may any work be done on any other day either before 8:00 am or after 3:00 pm; nor may any work be started after 2:30 pm on any day

  22. Monuments shall not be set when freezing weather prevails.

  23. Planks must be used across the ground where stones are drawn.  Trucks delivering materials and monuments shall not drive on to the plots but shall remain on the roadway.

  24. Monument dealers and setters must clean up and remove all rubbish immediately after erecting the memorial.

  25. No work will be allowed to be left in an improper or unfinished state, and should such occur, the same will be completed by the Association, and expense of such completion will be charged to the monument dealer or setter.

  26. No orders will be accepted for work in any plot against which there shall be any charges of the Association due and unpaid.

  27. Any monument set incorrectly will be immediately reset by the contractor at his own expense.

  28. Monument contractors and families of the deceased must abide by the specific rules and regulations, such as size and finish of monument, which are in effect for certain areas of the cemetery.  The Association will confirm at all times the sides of inscription of a double monument.  Therefore, the Association is not responsible for monuments inscribed on the incorrect side.