Cemeteries in Redding

We are committed to helping the families and individuals of the Redding area understand and make decisions regarding cemetery servicesproperty options and products. Willowbrook Cemetery offers a wide range of options to Redding and surrounding communities such as Easton and Ridgefield CT.

Redding Cemeteries

Whether you or your loved one has chosen burial or cremation as part of your final wishes, Willowbrook Cemetery will work with you to create a beautiful final resting place. Allow us the chance to serve your family. Contact us today to learn how our dedicated team can assist you.

Willowbrook Cemetery

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cemeteries

May a surviving husband or wife who has a right of interment in a lot that was owned by his or her deceased husband or wife release his or her right of the lot?


In addition to my surviving spouse, children, and my parents, may anyone else be interred in the lot?

Yes. You may designate persons or classes of persons – such as members of a church or other organization – who may be interred there during your lifetime or after your death. In making such a Designation you may make it Revocable during your lifetime, or you may make it Non-revocable. The Cemetery will prepare or provide the necessary forms, which to be effective must be singed by all parts and filed with the Cemetery with a moderate filing fee.