Grief - What is "Normal"?

By: Danny Amoruccio
Thursday, August 11, 2022

Grief is a typical response to the loss of a loved one. You may experience a variety of emotions, including despondency and isolation. At Willowbrook Cemetery, we know that everyone uniquely handles bereavement. However, you will begin to recover once you identify your emotions, begin caring for yourself and seek support.

The Phases Of Grief

Each individual's experience with grief is unique. Despite this, there are five stages of grief.

  1. Denial- When learning about death for the first time, it is natural to believe, "This cannot be true." You may suffer numbness or shock. This temporary answer to the overwhelming feeling and a natural defence system.
  2. Anger-As reality sets in, you are forced to confront your loss and grief. You may feel helpless and irritated, and these feelings may finally appear as rage. You can direct it against other people, a bigger force, and even life itself. It is reasonable to feel anger toward a deceased loved one who left you alone.
  3. Bargaining- Throughout this phase, you consider what you might have done better to prevent the loss. Thoughts like "Only if..." or "What if..." are common. You may also seek to negotiate with superior power.
  4. Depression- Grief emerges when you recognize the absence and its impact on your life. Depression is characterized by weeping, disturbed sleep, and a diminished appetite. You may feel overwhelmed, guilty, and alone.
  5. Acceptance- At this stage of the grieving process, you have acknowledged the reality of your loss. It cannot be reversed. You may proceed with your life when you are still unhappy.

Everyone experiences these phases differently. You may alternate between them or completely omit one or more of them. There is no standard method for coping with loss; hence there is no idea of "normal" grief.

We at Willowbrook Cemetery can also help you pick the ideal final resting place for the departed soul at our serene cemetery. Please contact us for more information or any questions you may have.

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