5 Memorable Ways To Honor Your Loved One Once They’ve Passed On

By: Danny Amoruccio
Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Losing a loved one is never easy. Despite having said their final goodbyes, the inevitability of death can leave a person feeling empty. Even if your loved one is no longer physically present, they remain essential to your life and the world. There are memorable ways to honor your loved one through meaningful tributes.

We've seen a wide range of funeral services and memorials for departed loved ones here at Willowbrook Cemetery. You can choose to have an intimate memorial service with only close friends and family or invite the entire community. Even better, you can leave a lasting tribute in their honor, introducing them to new people.

Five Memorable Ways to Honor Your Loved One

Remembering someone is a personal act, but remember that their life's story can continue even after they're gone. To help, we've compiled a list of memorable ways to honor your loved one:

1. Keep An Item of Theirs In Your Possession

Keeping an item of clothing, jewelry, or other mementos from a deceased loved one can help you feel closer to them even when they are no longer physically present. You can keep the items exactly as they were given to you, or you can modify them into something you'll enjoy wearing or using more frequently. Make a necklace out of jewelry or a quilt out of a plaid shirt.

2. Plan A Memorial Service For Them

Affection for one another is an effective tool for remembering those who have died. Making a memorial webpage or social media profile where people can share their memories of your loved one is a simple place to start. One option is to designate a special day each year to honor the deceased in the presence of close friends and family. Raise a toast to them at their favorite restaurant or plan a hike along one of their favorite trails where you can all sit quietly and reflect.

3. Finish What They've Started

Sometimes things are left unfinished. It could be a bookcase, a painting, or a song they were working on. Letting these projects fizzle out is tempting, but you should seriously consider completing them. You can either pay someone else to finish the work or do it yourself by completing their unfinished tasks. They initiated the project, but you saw it through to completion, which should make you feel good.

4. Contribute To A Scholarship Or Grant

If you are financially able, you may establish a memorial grant or scholarship to honor your deceased loved one that focuses on their specific area of interest. Investing in a person's education accomplishes more than ensuring the continuation of important family traditions. It was a way for them to share their enthusiasm with someone who might not have had the chance to learn the skill otherwise.

5. Indulge in the Things they Enjoyed

Even after a person has died, you can still learn a lot about them by doing the things they liked to do. Plan a week full of their favorite activities, from enjoying their favorite foods to watching their TV shows, reading their preferred books, and listening to their music on the stereo. Through these mediums, we can learn about and feel close to a departed loved one.

Carry On Your Loved One’s Spirit

Don't wallow in the void left by a deceased loved one while planning ways to honor their life. Remember, all your loved one wants is for you to be happy again. They would be proud of you if you achieved your goals and found happiness in your life. Instead, remember them with dignity and do everything you can to preserve their legacy. That way, you can keep a piece of them with you forever.

These are just a few memorable ways to honor your loved one. Remember that you can always create your traditions after the death of a loved one.

For more information on memorable ways to honor your loved one after their passing or for details about our cemetery grounds and burial plot options, please call Willowbrook Cemetery. Our team can help you select a calm final resting place for your cherished one at our serene cemetery. You can also contact us through this form or the number on this page.

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