Cremation - The Advantages and Disadvantages

By: Danny Amorucci
Thursday, March 16, 2023

Cremation is a funeral practice that involves reducing the body of a deceased person to ashes through burning. In recent years, it has become an increasingly popular choice for end-of-life services. While there are advantages to cremation options, there are also disadvantages that must be considered.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cremations

At Willowbrook Cemetery, we have seen that many clients do have clarity about the cremation options and the process advantages and disadvantages. Here is some information that will help

Advantages Of Cremation

  • Cost-Effective - Cremation is often a more cost-effective option than a traditional burial. It eliminates the need for embalming, caskets, and burial plots, which can add up to significant savings.
  • Flexibility - Cremation offers more flexibility when it comes to memorial services. Families can choose to have a service with or without the presence of the ashes, and they can hold the service at a location of their choosing.
  • Portability - Cremation allows for the easy transport of remains, making it easier for families to bring their loved ones with them when they move.
  • Environmental Impact - Cremation has a lower environmental impact than a traditional burial. It eliminates the use of embalming chemicals and reduces the amount of land required for burial.

Disadvantages Of Cremation

  • Lack Of Closure - Some people feel that cremation denies them the opportunity to have a physical place to visit their loved ones. The absence of a physical burial site can make it difficult for some people to find closure.
  • Religious And Cultural Objections - Cremation is not accepted by all religions or cultures. For example, some religions believe that the body must be buried whole and intact.
  • Lack Of Tradition - Cremation is a relatively new practice compared to traditional burial, which has been practiced for centuries. Some people may feel that cremation lacks the traditions and cultural significance of burial.
  • Emotional Impact - For some people, the act of burning the body of a loved one can be emotionally challenging. It may feel like a final goodbye, and some people may struggle with the idea of their loved one being reduced to ashes.

Families should carefully consider both options and consult with their loved ones to determine the best choice for their unique situation.

For any more information on cremation options or our cemetery grounds and burial plot options, please call Willowbrook Cemetery can help you select a calm final resting place for your cherished one at our cemetery. Please contact us via the form or number on this page.

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