What If I Want An Unconventional Funeral Service?

By: Danny Amorucci
Friday, June 23, 2023

Funeral services have traditionally followed a set format, providing a solemn and structured environment for mourning and remembrance. However, there has been a shift towards embracing more personalized and unconventional funeral services in recent years.

We at Willowbrook Cemetery have seen that this trend reflects a desire to celebrate life in unique ways that honor the individuality of the departed and provide comfort and healing to the bereaved. Look at the concept of unconventional funeral services and the possibilities they offer for creating meaningful farewells.

Honoring Personal Passions And Interests

An unconventional funeral service provides an opportunity to celebrate the life and passions of the departed. It allows for a more personalized approach that reflects their unique personality, interests, and achievements. Whether incorporating elements like music, art, sports, or hobbies, the focus is on creating a tribute that truly captures the essence of the person being remembered.

This unconventional funeral service approach not only celebrates their life but also offers solace to the grieving family and friends, as they find comfort in knowing their loved one's memory is being honored in a way that is true to their individuality.

Creating Interactive And Participatory Experiences

Unconventional funeral services often encourage participation and engagement from attendees, creating a more interactive experience. This can involve inviting guests to share stories, memories or even perform acts that symbolize their unique bond with the departed.

Such activities foster community and connection, allowing mourners to actively participate in the farewell and find healing through shared experiences. By shifting the focus from mourning to celebrating life, unconventional funeral services help create a more inclusive environment supporting the grieving process.

Alternative Venues And Locations

Choosing an unconventional venue or location for a funeral service can significantly impact the overall experience. Instead of a traditional funeral home, families may opt for outdoor settings, such as gardens, parks, or beaches, to create a serene and natural atmosphere. Some may even consider unconventional locations with special meaning for the departed, such as a favorite restaurant, sports stadium, or community center. These unique venues provide a memorable backdrop and offer a sense of familiarity and connection, enabling mourners to reminisce and celebrate the life lived.

For information on how to plan an unconventional funeral service, call Willowbrook Cemetery. We can help you select a calm final resting place for your cherished one at our cemetery. You can contact us via the form or number on this page. 

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