Irrevocable Pre-Need Arrangements

By: Danny Amorucci
Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Irrevocable pre-need arrangements are an essential aspect of funeral planning that many individuals consider to ensure their end-of-life wishes are respected and their loved ones are not burdened with making difficult decisions during grief.

Unlike revocable pre-need arrangements, which can be changed or canceled by the individual at any time, irrevocable pre-need arrangements are permanent and cannot be altered once established.

Why Irrevocable Pre-Need Arrangements Can Be A Good Choice For Some People

Let’s understand some fundamental aspects of irrevocable pre-need arrangements and why they are a valuable option for some individuals.

1. Guaranteeing Fulfillment of Wishes

One of the primary reasons individuals choose irrevocable pre-need arrangements is to ensure that their final wishes are fulfilled precisely as they desire. By making irreversible decisions, they gain peace of mind knowing that someone will carry out their funeral, burial, or cremation preferences without deviating from their original plan.

2. Protecting Assets And Qualifying For Medicaid

Irrevocable pre-need arrangements allow individuals to set aside funds for their funeral and final expenses. Doing so protects these funds from being counted as assets when applying for Medicaid or other government assistance programs. This can be a valuable financial strategy for those anticipating needing Medicaid to cover long-term care expenses.

3. Relieving Financial Responsibility For Loved Ones

Establishing an irrevocable pre-need arrangement can ease the financial burden on surviving family members. Funeral costs can be high, and by pre-paying for these expenses, individuals spare their loved ones from having to bear the financial responsibility during an emotionally challenging time.

4. Locking In Current Prices

Funeral costs tend to increase over time due to inflation and other factors. With irrevocable pre-need arrangements, individuals can lock in current prices for funeral services and merchandise. This ensures that their funeral expenses remain agreed upon, regardless of future price increases.

5. Customization And Personalization

Irrevocable pre-need arrangements allow individuals to customize and personalize their funeral plans according to their preferences. They can choose specific funeral services, caskets, urns, or other arrangements reflecting their personality and values, creating a meaningful and unique farewell.

6. Avoiding Emotional Decision-Making

When grief-stricken, loved ones may feel overwhelmed when making numerous decisions about funeral arrangements. Irrevocable pre-need arrangements relieve surviving family members from making these choices during emotional distress, ensuring that the deceased's wishes are honored without second-guessing.

By taking care of funeral arrangements in advance with an irrevocable pre-need plan, individuals provide peace of mind for their loved ones.

For information on irrevocable pre-need arrangements, call Willowbrook Cemetery. We can help you select a calm final resting place for your cherished one at our cemetery. You can contact us via the form or number on this page. 

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