What Are Prepaid Cremation Services?

By: Danny Amorucci
Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Planning for the inevitable end of life is an overwhelming responsibility most of us would rather avoid. At Willowbrook Cemetery, many people ask us - What are prepaid cremation services?

Preparing in advance and covering cremation costs through prepaid services can bring significant peace of mind. It ensures your final wishes are honored according to your specifications while sparing loved ones from future financial and emotional burdens.

So What Are Prepaid Cremation Services? 

They are a cremation plan that allows you to pre-purchase and pre-arrange all cremation-related services and merchandise through a provider. This includes services like transportation, cremation fees, urns, and more. You can make all the arrangements beforehand, with every detail cataloged and costs covered by a single prepaid plan.

The Benefits Of Prepaid Cremation Services 

There are several benefits to choosing these services, such as:

  • One of the key advantages is locking in cremation costs at current prices, protecting you from steady yearly increases. This can result in significant savings compared to deferring payment until becoming deceased or incapacitated. Prepaid cremation plans are also fully transferable should you relocate before passing away.
  • From a planning perspective, you maintain full control over personalizing the cremation process to your wishes. Do you want a simple cremation with ashes scattered or a memorial service with the urn present? What type of container would you like for the cremated remains - a decorative urn, cremation bench, jewelry piece, or something more unique? You can make all the difficult decisions now to prevent emotional overwhelm for your family later.
  • Many prepaid cremation providers allow you to set aside funds over time through affordable, interest-free payment plans. This flexible option is beneficial compared to attempting to allocate tens of thousands in a lump sum for burial costs after retiring on a fixed income. Rest assured, all prepaid cremation money is kept in a state-regulated trust until needed.
  • In addition to future cost savings, prepaid cremation plans ease the mental and financial strain on bereaved loved ones. Family members will have clear instructions that your specified cremation wishes have already been arranged and paid for in full. 
  • Depending on the package selected, some prepaid cremation plans include helpful additional benefits. These can range from live 24/7 compassion helplines to guide your family to cremation insurance policies that cover costs like obituary assistance, death certificates, and more.

While they may be somewhat morbid to consider, prepaid cremation services offer a practical solution to reduce future stress for everyone involved. 

For additional information on What are prepaid cremation services? please call Willowbrook Cemetery. Our team can help you select a peaceful final resting place for your cherished one at our cemetery. You can contact us via the form or number on this page.

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