Is Live Streaming The Future Of Funeral Services?

By: Danny Amoruccio
Monday, May 30, 2022

We live in an era of cutting-edge communication technology, which we employ for various purposes. Adults can work from home while their children attend online classes. As a result, we can keep in touch with loved ones who live in other parts of the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc all across the globe, but it has also shown us how mass communication media such as live streaming may be helpful in diverse contexts like burial services. Specialists from Willowbrook Cemetery explain how this technology enables individuals from anywhere to attend the funeral of a beloved one.

Why Opt For Live Streaming a Funeral Service?

Lockdowns were imposed in cities and towns across the United States because of the pandemic, only restricting travel to essentials and emergencies. Those who couldn't attend funerals for loved ones suffered greatly due to this.

Live streaming helped here. This is a good alternative when there are no other options, but it's not a substitute for attending the service. Advantages of using this technology include the following:

  • In some instances, families must postpone services until all of their closest relatives arrive. With the ability to live stream a funeral, this is no longer required. Because so many individuals now avoid traveling during these periods, live streaming has emerged as the most convenient alternative.
  • People from all over the world can attend the funeral. This wasn't possible in the past, and people had to miss funerals since they couldn't travel long distances.
  • You'll save money on funeral fees and have a straightforward, low-cost funeral with this option.

While the pandemic gave rise to this trend, live streaming is here to stay. At Willowbrook Cemetery, we strive to make selecting the last resting place for a loved one as simple as possible. We can also help you with your live streaming requirements.

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